UWA Handbook 2014

Doctor of Juridical Science

About this course

This is a professional doctorate consisting of a combination of coursework units and a thesis. Prior to being admitted to candidature an applicant may be required by the Governing Board to undertake any of the following: (1) complete such courses, lectures, seminars and other work as may be directed; (2) complete such research preparation as directed and provide particulars of the progress and results of the research as requested; or (3) pass an examination approved by the Board.

Course overview

Course titleDoctor of Juridical Science
Award abbreviationSJD
Course code20810
Course typedoctorate
Statuscurrent / 2014
Administered byFaculty of Law
CRICOS code024815G
Intake periodsthroughout the year
Attendance typefull- or part-time (Student visa holders should read http://www.international.uwa.edu.au/students/esos for more information.)
Estimated time commitmentThe estimated time commitment for a standard full-time enrolment is approximately 46 hours per week (over 13 weeks) which includes contact hours, personal study and examinations.
ArticulationThis course does not form part of an articulated course.
Minimum credit points required144
A standard full-time load is 24 points per semester.
Full-time duration4 years
Time limit8 years
Delivery modeinternal
Locations offeredUWA (Crawley)
Domestic fee typeCommonwealth supported and/or HECS-HELP
Course Coordinator(s)Director of Postgraduate Studies
Course adviceJennifer Rhodes
6488 2995
NoteFor those interested in the Doctor of Philosophy, see the course overview under the Graduate Research School section.

Prospective students should see the Future Students website for details on admission requirements, intake periods, fees, availability to international students, careers information etc.

Course structure

Key to availability of units:
S1 = Semester 1; S2 = Semester 2; S3 = summer teaching period; N/A = not available in 2014;
NS = non-standard teaching period; OS = offshore teaching period; * = to be advised

All units have a value of six points unless otherwise stated.

Doctor of Juridical Science

Take unit(s) to the value of 42 points from Group A. With the approval of the Faculty, students may include unit(s) from Group C:

Group A

N/ALAWS5738Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Policy
NSLAWS6107Advanced and Appellate Family Law
S1LAWS6126Banking Law
S1LAWS6167Comparative Law
S2LAWS6206Seniors Law and Policy
N/ALAWS6701Bioethics and the Law
N/ALAWS6714Law and Psychiatry
N/ALAWS6715Indirect Taxation
N/ALAWS6718International Income Taxation
N/ALAWS6721Legal Reasoning and Public Policy
N/ALAWS6733Taxation of Projects and Enterprises
N/ALAWS6739Administration of Sentences
N/ALAWS9304Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Law
N/ALAWS9324Medicine and the Law
NSLAWS9327Advanced Evidence and Proof
N/ALAWS9345Current Issues in Consumer Law and Policy
NSLAWS9360Employment Law
S2LAWS9365Alternative Dispute Resolution
S2LAWS9504Insurance Law
NSLAWS9521Climate Change Law and Emissions Trading
N/ALAWS9529Competition Law
NSLAWS9576International Commercial Arbitration
N/ALAWS9585Limitation of Actions
NSLAWS9589Australian Oil and Gas Law
N/ALAWS9590Water Resources Law
S1LAWS9700Indigenous Peoples and the Law
N/ALAWS9702Capital Gains Tax
N/ALAWS9709Corporate Crime, Entrepreneurial Crime and Regulation of Business Standards
S1LAWS9710Corporate Finance and Securities Regulation
NSLAWS9713Environmental Protection Law
NSLAWS9717Unjust Enrichment and Restitution
S1LAWS9719International Trade Law
NSLAWS9724Personal Property
NSLAWS9726Mining Law
NSLAWS9727Oil and Gas Agreements
S1LAWS9734Advanced Torts Law
N/ALAWS9737Criminology, Criminal Law and Public Law
N/ALAWS9743Industrial and Intellectual Property I
N/ALAWS9744Industrial and Intellectual Property II
S1, S2LAWS9750Research Paper I
S1, S2LAWS9751Research Paper II (12 points)
S1 & S2LAWS9752Research Paper III Part 1 (12 points)
S1 & S2LAWS9753Research Paper III Part 2 (12 points)
S1 & S2LAWS9754Research Paper IV Part 1 (12 points)
S1 & S2LAWS9755Research Paper IV Part 2 (12 points)
N/ALAWS9772Law and Religion

Take unit(s) to the value of 102 points from Group B:

Group B

N/ALAWS9979Advanced Legal Theory and Research Methodology
S1 & S2LAWS9980Doctoral Thesis (full-time) (96 points)
S1 & S2LAWS9981Doctoral Thesis (part-time) (96 points)

The Faculty may permit a student to substitute unit(s) from Group C for unit(s) from Group A of equivalent value:

Group C

N/ALAWS5109Advanced and Appellate Family Law
N/ALAWS5110Commercial Negotiation
NSLAWS5111Corporate Governance for Resources Companies
N/ALAWS5112Fisheries Law and Marine Species Protection
N/ALAWS5113International Commercial Mediation—Law and Practice
S2LAWS5114International Environmental Law
N/ALAWS5304Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Law
S3LAWS5324Medicine and the Law
NSLAWS5327Advanced Evidence and Proof
N/ALAWS5345Current Issues in Consumer Law and Policy
NSLAWS5360Employment Law
S2LAWS5365Alternative Dispute Resolution
NSLAWS5378Government Accountability—Law and Practice
S2LAWS5503Conflict of Laws
S2LAWS5504Insurance Law
N/ALAWS5506Land Development Law
NSLAWS5507International Oil and Gas Law
S1LAWS5511International Trade Law
N/ALAWS5514Global Finance Law
N/ALAWS5516Corporate Crime, Entrepreneurial Crime and Regulation of Business Standards
NSLAWS5517Mining Law
N/ALAWS5518Bioethics and the Law
N/ALAWS5519Forensic Psychiatry
N/ALAWS5520Commercial Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques
NSLAWS5521Climate Change Law and Emissions Trading
N/ALAWS5523Capital Gains Tax
N/ALAWS5524Taxation of Projects and Enterprises
N/ALAWS5526Advanced Practice and Procedure
N/ALAWS5527Patent Law
NSLAWS5528Unjust Enrichment and Restitution
N/ALAWS5529Competition Law
N/ALAWS5530Legal Reasoning and Public Policy
N/ALAWS5531Indirect Taxation
NSLAWS5532Oil and Gas Agreements
S1LAWS5533Advanced Torts Law
S1LAWS5534Indigenous Peoples and the Law
N/ALAWS5535International Income Taxation
N/ALAWS5537Trade Practices: Misleading and Deceptive Conduct
N/ALAWS5539Criminology, Criminal Law and Public Policy
N/ALAWS5540Environmental Protection Law
S1LAWS5541Corporate Finance and Securities Regulation
NSLAWS5543Measuring Crime and Monitoring the Administration of Criminal Justice
N/ALAWS5544Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Policy
N/ALAWS5545Evaluation and Research
N/ALAWS5546Administration of Sentences
N/ALAWS5547Aboriginality, Crime and Justice
N/ALAWS5550Current Issues in International Law
NSLAWS5552Dealing with Victims
N/ALAWS5553Dealing with Juvenile Crime and Offenders
NSLAWS5556Policing Issues for the Twenty-first Century
N/ALAWS5557Private and Non-government Sector Involvement in the Criminal Justice System
N/ALAWS5558Punishment and Corrections in the Asia–Pacific Region
NSLAWS5560Risk Assessment and the Effectiveness of Treatment
N/ALAWS5561Theories of Punishment and Principles of Sentencing
N/ALAWS5562Women, Crime and the Criminal Justice System
N/ALAWS5565Advanced Legal Studies I
N/ALAWS5566Advanced Legal Studies II
N/ALAWS5569Liquidation and Voluntary Administration
N/ALAWS5570Payment Systems and Electronic Banking
N/ALAWS5572Law and Religion
NSLAWS5576International Commercial Arbitration
N/ALAWS5580Introduction to Australian Law
N/ALAWS5583Industrial and Intellectual Property I
N/ALAWS5584Industrial and Intellectual Property II
N/ALAWS5585Limitation of Actions
N/ALAWS5586Current Issues in Banking and Finance Law
N/ALAWS5587Current Issues in Commercial and Resources Law
N/ALAWS5588Advanced Contract
NSLAWS5589Australian Oil and Gas Law
N/ALAWS5590Water Resources Law
NSLAWS5591Personal Property
N/ALAWS5620Cyberwarfare and Security
N/ALAWS5621Food Laws and Regulation
S1, S2LAWS5694Research Paper I
S1, S2LAWS5695Research Paper II (12 points)
S1 & S2LAWS5696Research Paper III Part 1 (12 points)
S1 & S2LAWS5697Research Paper III Part 2 (12 points)
S1 & S2LAWS5698Research Paper IV Part 1 (12 points)
S1 & S2LAWS5699Research Paper IV Part 2 (12 points)
N/ALAWS5738Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Policy
N/ALAWS5820Legislation in Practice

See also the rules for the course and the Student Rules.